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About Heilan Coo

Heilan Coo, which is pronounced “Hee-Lan Kew”, is ‘Highland Cow’ in Scottish Gaelic and represents the oldest registered cattle in the world.  These majestic animals are rugged in the elements but docile by nature, which is perhaps why they are the favored cow of Queen Elizabeth II who keeps a fold (herd) at her Balmoral Estate.

These rare, rugged and loveable animals are much like our mountain-climbing founder who is not only of Scottish decent but was raised in Wisconsin where his family continues a long tradition of manufacturing that happens to include Wood Containers for the Cheese Industry.

With a vigilant eye towards craftsmanship, we at Heilan Coo, like a steady friend, aim to emulate the authentic marriage of rugged and durable qualities with the approachable and endearing qualities of the Highland Cow in everything we create.

Hard Cheeses carry a ton of flavor but are too dry for melting while soft cheeses lack depth of flavor and run at the first sign of heat.  By blending the two with a melting cheese and additional flavors, we’ve created the perfect medium for you to create magical Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

By utilizing fresh, natural, and exclusive ingredients in our Grilled Cheese Blends our aim is to create a pleasure for the senses.  The pinnacle of which can be found in our Semi-Annual Limited-Edition Cheeses, Blends and Whey’s that are crafted purely from the ultra-exclusive and nutrient rich Heilan Coos Milk.

We genuinely hope that you and your family gain as much joy from our gourmet products as we do in creating and crafting them for you.

Your Tireless Advocates

Colin Miller - Big Cheese Founder who obviously takes himself way too seriously.

With a background in construction equipment manufacturing and professional marketing experience within a mulititude of industries including hospitality our generalist founder was inspired by his entrepreneurlly minded forefathers to deliver a high quality product with instant results.

Colin realized that everyone appreciates gourmet flavors when they taste it but simply lack the extra thirty to forty minutes to make it happen.  So why not help people achieve gourmet results in a fraction of the time.

Perpetually curious and active, you'll find Colin re-charging in the lake chutes at Breck; bagging random peaks or trail-running the foothills around Evergreen.

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